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Allenburys Pastilles are first mentioned. Manufactured by Allen & Hanbury Ltd. in London.


Allenbury’s Pastilles becomes increasingly popular and finds its way to Switzerland.


Doetsch Grether AG in Switzerland secures the distribution rights for Allenburys Pastilles.


Doetsch Grether AG fully acquires the Allenbury’s Pastilles brand and officially changes its name to Grether’s Pastilles.


Grether’s Redcurrant Pastilles  containing sugar are launched on the market. Sugar-free is released shortly after.


Grether’s Blackcurrant Pastilles are also produced without sugar for the first time to follow the 90's "light" trend, promoting healthy choices.


DG offers refill bags for the gold tin for the first time. The sugar-free varieties are so popular that Grether’s Redcurrant Pastilles also become sugar-free.


A third variety is introduced and quickly establishes itself on the market: Grether’s Pastilles Elderflower sugar-free with extracts of elderflower and lemon balm.


The Grether’s Pastilles brand is given a facelift with a slightly altered packaging design – but it still holds onto its roots by keeping the classic look of the golden tin.


A fourth variety is added and continues the tradition of fruity, soothing pastilles that help soothe the throat, now with

Grether’s Pastilles Blueberry in the sugar-free variety.


In conjunction with Basel-based illustrator Patrizia Stalder, a limited-edition sugar-free Blackcurrant variety is put on the market in four different traditional Swiss tins.


The success story continues. A 2nd Limited Edition Blackcurrant sugar-free is launched on the market. This time the focus is on famous Swiss places and animals.

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