How Grether's Are Made

Grether’s Pastilles are crafted in Switzerland by our experts who continue to be rooted in passion and expertise. Since 1850, the production of the natural, raw ingredients has been preserved to create refreshing and soothing pastlles that sets itself apart from others thanks to its long tradition, quality and care. Several steps in production are still carried out by hand to this day to ensure the quality in each fruity pastille. Each lozenge is hand-poured into wooden molds and aged for 15 weeks to reach optimum flavor and a gummy candy consistency.

The pastilles are then matured for three months in temperature-controlled climatic chambers. As with fine wines, this maturing or ageing allows them to develop their unmistakeably exquisite taste with its intense fruitiness and special consistency. A touch of beeswax and vegetable oil glycerin seals the surface of every single pastille and gives them their distinctive gloss. After one last quality control, the pastilles are sorted into their classic golden tins, where they continue to mature until they are enjoyed.

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