Our Ingredients

Grether’s Pastilles are as prized as the ingredients that go into them in a complex traditional production process. That’s why the pastilles are only made from the best raw materials, which are carefully processed in accordance with the original recipe from 1850.

What's Inside?

Pure Fruit Juice


Red Algae Agar Agar


Grether’s Pastilles get their unrivaled fruity taste from the pure natural juice of sun-ripened fruits harvested at peak flavor and taste profile.

Only glycerin from high-quality vegetable oils has a moisture-retaining and softening effect and stimulates natural saliva production.

Our pastilles get their exceptionally smooth and unrivaled consistency from red agar-agar found, a natural gelling agent found in the depths of the sea. 

Only high-quality (food-grade) gelatine is used in the production of Grether’s Pastilles to create its unique soft and chewy candy-like consistency.

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