Relief For The

Throat & Voice

Benefits of Grether's Pastilles

Protects the

throat & voice

Preparing your voice with Grether's Pastilles is the best way to get your throat and voice comfortable and healthy before and after any vocal performance. The most important component in our pastilles is the glycerin sourced from raw vegetable oil. This ingredient coats overtaxed throats with a fine protective film to keep them strong and healthy.

Combats dry mouth

Grether’s Pastilles promotes good oral hygiene by alleviating and preventing dry mouth that can lead to bad breath. Recommended by specialists around the world, our pastilles helps combat that cottony feeling in the mouth by naturally increasing the production of saliva and alleviating dryness. 

Soothes the throat

Since 1850, our Swiss experts harvest sun-ripened fruits and exotic red sea algae to create the unique soft and smooth consistency of our classic pastilles. Its intense flavors provide a refreshing taste, while the glycerin helps moisten and soothe the irritated mucous membranes in the mouth and throat.

Helps with

hoarse voice 

Soothing strained voices due to hoarsness or irritation is simple when having Grether’s Pastilles on hand. If you are a performer, present in public or rely on your voice for your livelihood, Grether’s should be part of your routine to prevent a raspy, hoarse voice.

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