Stars Swear by Grether’s Pastilles

Ariana Grande

"Grether's Pastilles are the necessity for singers. I started consuming these religiously on Broadway...they have a really specific flavor profile and I love them."

- The Voice, Season 21

Camila Cabello

"Grether's Pastilles....a singer's necessity."

- 10 Things Camila Cabello Couldn't Live Without in 2021, GQ

Bernie Sanders

The Throat Lozenges That Saved Bernie Sanders’s Campaign-Ravaged Voice
- The Strategist

Katy Perry

"They contain glycerin, so they're great to loosen up my throat and voice - especially after a nap."

- What's In Katy Perry's Bag, Marie Claire

Gweneth Paltrow

"I love these soothing blackcurrant sweets and I always keep a tin on my desk"

The English Pharmacy,

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