How To Combat Mouth Dryness

Posted by Kayla Cardona on Mar 24th 2022

How To Combat Mouth Dryness

A priceless fluid: saliva

Did you know that we have hundreds of salivary glands that live in our cheeks, the floor of our mouths and our lower jaw? According to The Journal of Medicine and Life, our salivary glands produce and release around 1.5 liters of saliva every day, which provides many benefits for our body.

For instance, saliva makes the food we chew softer, which in result makes it easier to swallow. Without your saliva, food particles wouldn’t properly stick together to form a mass, making it a big challenge to swallow food. Your salivary glands also produce enzymes that work to break down certain starches while they’re in your mouth.

Additionally, the antimicrobial agents in saliva are the first line of defense against unwanted “intruders” in our mouths. To further explain, a thin film of saliva covers teeth at all times and buffers against bacteria, while antimicrobial agents in saliva kill disease-causing bacteria. Saliva also helps us with those things we take for granted like speaking, tasting and swallowing.

The only time you notice what an incredible job saliva does is if you suffer from a dry mouth, which can be caused by dehydration, certain medications, seasonal allergies, aging or even stress and anxiety.

Tips to help a dry mouth:

Having a dry mouth is usually temporary and treatable with the right steps. In most cases, you can prevent and relieve symptoms of dry mouth at home by doing one or more of the following:

  1. Actively increase your saliva production. The more you chew your food, the more saliva is produced. Chewing your food properly also makes it much easier to swallow.
  1. Drink lots of fluids. Water and other sugar-free drinks are great for keeping your mouth moist between meals.
  1. Good oral hygiene. Maintaining good oral hygiene, such as brushing your teeth and flossing, helps to prevent a number of illnesses and boosts the body’s natural protection.
  1. Keep your mouth moist with Grether’s Pastilles. The natural glycerine in Grether’s Pastilles keeps your mouth moist if you are not producing enough saliva.

Glycerine benefits for your throat and mouth

Glycerine is a polyvalent alcohol found in almost all natural fats and oils. The chemical structure and function of this ingredient have been used for over 200 years. Since glycerine is a product with various applications and uses, it is used in almost all industries, including as a food additive. Thanks to its moisture-binding and softening properties, glycerine is also an important component of Grether’s Pastilles formula – and it has been since the original recipe dating back to 1850. Grether’s Pastilles are offered in five delicious flavors: regular blackcurrant, sugar-free blackcurrant, sugar-free redcurrant, sugar-free blueberry and sugar-free elderflower.