Behind the Scenes: Grether's Pastilles and Broadway Performers

Mar 15th 2024

Behind the Scenes: Grether's Pastilles and Broadway Performers

When the curtains rise on Broadway, the spotlight not only shines on the performers but also on the careful preparation and support behind the scenes. One crucial ally for Broadway stars in maintaining their vocal prowess is Grether's Pastilles. Let's delve into the collaboration between Grether's Pastilles and Broadway performers, exploring how these good throat lozenges have become indispensable in the world of musical theater.

Finding Relief in the Limelight

For Broadway performers, whose voices are their instruments, vocal health is paramount. The rigorous demands of nightly performances, coupled with the pressure to deliver flawless vocals, can take a toll on even the most seasoned professionals. Enter Grether's Pastilles – the throat drops for singers that have become a backstage staple.

Testimonials from the Stage

Many Broadway artists swear by Grether's Pastilles for their soothing and protective qualities. Ashley Kelley from Shucked The Musical, shares her experience, "Grether’s Pastilles are keeping these Shuckin’ Story Teller’s vocal chords moisturized!!! Honestly, these pastills are out here saving vocal lives ?? They also taste really good ??.”

Brittney Johnson from Wicked The Musical adds, "I remember the first time I had a Grether’s. It was my first Broadway show, I was thrown on last minute to play the lead, and I was so nervous, my throat was dry. My amazing dresser says: ‘Here have a Grether’s, everyone uses them before they sing.’ And just like that, I knew I’d made it! I was part of the ‘everyone’ now. Among the ranks with the best of them. Every time I see a Grether’s tin, I’m reminded of the pride I felt in that moment.”

Glycerin: The Secret Ingredient

Indeed, glycerin is one of the key ingredients in Grether's Pastilles, contributing to their efficacy as good throat lozenges. Glycerin's ability to attract and retain moisture makes it an ideal solution for soothing sore throats and relieving vocal strain. For Broadway performers who rely on their voices night after night, glycerin-infused lozenges like Grether's Pastilles are a saving grace.

A Lifeline for Vocal Performance

In the competitive world of musical theater, where every note counts, performers need all the support they can get. Grether's Pastilles offer more than just temporary relief; they provide a lifeline for vocal performance. By soothing sore throats, preventing voice loss, and enhancing vocal clarity, these lozenges for singing empower Broadway stars to deliver their best performances night after night.

Harmonizing Art and Science

Behind every flawless performance on Broadway lies a symphony of preparation and support. Grether's Pastilles play a crucial role in this symphony, offering relief and support for Broadway performers' vocal health. With their unique blend of natural ingredients, including glycerin for sore throat relief, these lozenges have earned their place as trusted allies for singers on the stage. So, the next time you find yourself lost in the magic of a Broadway show, remember the silent hero behind the scenes – Grether's Pastilles.