“I am so, so thankful I found this product! I take meds at night that give me severe dry mouth. Despite drinking tons of water throughout the night, my mouth was always dry & my throat would hurt. I started taking "sugar free" cough drops, but the syrup in them coated my teeth, and began to erode my teeth as well. After spending literally thousands on restorative dentistry, I realized something had to change. I stumbled upon these pastilles & ordered a tin. I went from as many as 10 cough drops a night with that horrid, destructive coating on my tongue & teeth, to taking only 2 pastilles a night with zero residue or coating. I'm thrilled, and I'm hoping this will put an end to bad & expensive dental visits. I highly recommend this product.”

Review by yoyogirl on March 26, 2021

Helpful for Singers

“Any time allergies, dryness in the air, or sore throat affects my singing, these help
coat my throat and get me through the set. Highly recommend!”

Review by Leah on October 10, 2020


Excellent product. I will order again.

“Love the mild taste.. perfect for a sore throat! ”

Review by Rani Wazenegger on January 26, 2021

Great product!

“We've been using these for several years. We pop one into our mouth when we get the first
inkling that we are going to cough. Really settles down a cough.”

Review by banana on March 19, 2020

Great Flavor and Effective

“The only lozenges I buy!”

Review by Cassandra on November 2, 2019


Excellent Product!

“These work very well and have great flavors! For singers, teachers, or those who use their voices constantly, they are almost a necessity. They are cheaper when purchased in bulk [but] are well worth the money!”

Review by Rae on January 16, 2021

Sing like a bird all day when you eat for relief from dry throat or dry vocal chords.

“These are soothing to my throat and vocal chords since my work requires I talk sing like a bird all day.”

Review by Eleanor on January 1, 2021

Love them

“Loved these! Perfect for when I do shows. I hate sucking on medicinal flavored cough drops.
The taste of these were perfect, not too sweet and a bit tangy”

Review by Shana M. on February 23, 2020.

Get as many varieties as you can

“I've had two voice coaches recommend these to me. I not only listened, but I will never be too far away from them. They work!! I share with friends who are having problem, and now,
THEY buy this lovely and very helpful product.”

Review by Amazon Customer on July 22, 2019


Great for allergic sore throat

“I have allergies that cause my throat to be sore and sometimes a weak voice. These taste nice and seem to really help the dry mouth and sore throat. I was worried they’d have a nasty aftertaste because they are sugar free. But no, they are wonderful! Glad I found these!”

Review by Pit Bull Mama on August 14, 2020

Great taste!

“I needed a product to keep my singing voice moist but didn't want a sugary lozange. Grether's Pastilles were perfect and they tasted great! I also needed a sugar free version and luckily that was available in their Blueberry flavor. Buy this and you won't be sorry.”

Review by Amazon Customer on October 14, 2019

Voice sounds better

“I use these pastilles before I sing in church. I have a serious case of dry mouth that affects the higher registers of my voice. These taste delicious and make a huge difference with dry mouth.”

Review by Po Dunk on September 5, 2019

I’m a singer and these really work!

“I'm a singer and some of the drops are too strong for singers. I was unsure if these would work but they were recommended. They're not harsh, or strong, they don't leave a taste in your mouth and they WORK! I will definitely purchase these again to have on hand.”

Review by Fall Lady on July 30, 2019

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